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Article | Nathaniel Gartke | June 14, 2018
“Free the Beer” case falls flat at Supreme Court

Category: Federalism

On March 19th, 2018, the Supreme Court of Canada released its decision in R v Comeau[1]—known popularly as the “Free the Beer” case. (A summary of the facts and issues […]

Article | Kristen Pue | September 20, 2018
A “Big City Charter” for Edmonton and Calgary: Explaining the Role of Municipalities in Canada’s Federal Framework

Category: Federalism

Introduction Edmonton and Calgary’s relationship with the province of Alberta will be redefined with the signing of the province’s first-ever civic charter – the “Big City Charter.”  On June 18, […]

Article | Coleman Brinker | July 4, 2017
A Constitutional Dilemma: Who Protects the Right Whales?

Category: Federalism

When Canadians face a health or safety risk, they can look to sections 91 and 92 of the Constitution Act, 1867 to figure out whether the provincial or federal government has […]

Article | Russell Green | July 5, 2019
A Long and Uncertain Road to Alberta Independence

Category: Federalism

Alienation Accelerated Premier Jason Kenney has suggested that Canada is facing a “crisis of national unity” because Albertans, and other western Canadians, are feeling disrespected by the rest of the […]

Article | Russell Green | July 22, 2019
A National Pharmacare Plan Requires Cooperative Federalism

Category: Federalism

Introduction: Proposed Pharmacare Canada is the only OECD country with universal health coverage that does not include prescription drugs.[1] Canadian provinces have different regulations for prescription coverage – offering a mix […]

Article | Michael Saunders | June 8, 2016
A Spirited Decision: Free Trade Wins in Liquor and Spirit Dispute

Category: Federalism

Originally published: 8 June 2016 Should Canadians be allowed to purchase liquor in one province and take it with them to another? Would provincial laws restricting this be constitutional? Lawyers […]

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