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Article | Kristen Pue | August 8, 2012
“Trojan Horse”: Opposition’s Procedural Odyssey with Omnibus Bill C-38

Category: Democratic Governance

As the spring 2012 House of Commons session drew to a close, a bi-annual budget implementation bill was the subject of an atypical spectacle. With the NDP serving as the […]

Article | June 26, 2015
$150 in the Swear Jar and No @#$%&! Parties: Alberta Bylaw Prohibits Swearing, Restricts Groups

Category: The Charter, Fundamental Freedoms (Section 2)

This article was written by a law student for the general public. Introduction The Town of Taber recently passed a bylaw that has garnered national attention for restricting swearing and […]

Article | Coleman Brinker, Raymond Chen, and Katherine Creelman | June 29, 2017
10 Fun Facts about the Canadian Constitution

Category: Democratic Governance

A constitution 150 years in the making sure comes with some interesting stories. Here are 10 fun facts you might not know about Canada’s Constitution. 1) Dude… where’s my Constitution? […]

Article | Coleman Brinker, Raymond Chen, and Katherine Creelman | June 30, 2017
7 Reasons Why You Should Care About The BNA Act

Category: Democratic Governance

The British North America Act, 1867 (“BNA Act”) – now called the Constitution Act, 1867[1] – created Canada at Confederation, and has been around for a whole 150 years since […]

Article | Kristen Pue | September 20, 2018
A “Big City Charter” for Edmonton and Calgary: Explaining the Role of Municipalities in Canada’s Federal Framework

Category: Federalism

Introduction Edmonton and Calgary’s relationship with the province of Alberta will be redefined with the signing of the province’s first-ever civic charter – the “Big City Charter.”  On June 18, […]

Article | Coleman Brinker | July 4, 2017
A Constitutional Dilemma: Who Protects the Right Whales?

Category: Federalism

When Canadians face a health or safety risk, they can look to sections 91 and 92 of the Constitution Act, 1867 to figure out whether the provincial or federal government has […]

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