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The Centre for Constitutional Studies connects leading Canadian and international scholars, contributes to constitutional debate, and creates resources that educate the public about the Constitution. The Centre publishes a scholarly journal, Review of Constitutional Studies, and an online journal, Constitutional Forum, which promotes constitutional dialogue and debate. In addition to hosting national conferences and symposia to connect scholars and practicing lawyers, the Centre also reaches out to the public with a speaker series. It engages in public education and tries to help Canadians learn about the Constitution through plain-language articles on its website. The Centre believes that everyone should become more familiar with the Constitution – and understand why it is so important to our country.

The Centre is a non-profit organization that receives its primary financial support from the Alberta Law Foundation. It also receives support from the University of Alberta Faculty of Law. The Centre gratefully acknowledges this continuing support.

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Board bylaws

To see the Centre for Constitutional Studies bylaws, click here.

The Board is advisory to the Centre and is responsible for advising on its strategic direction. Board members are represented by a variety of academic units of the University of Alberta; the Dean of the Faculty of Law; and the external community (which may include: government; the judiciary; the legal community; the non-profit and private sectors).

Annual report

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